Rachel Svedin, Realtor®

Rachel Svedin, Realtor®


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My name is Rachel Svedin. My maiden name was Mapes. I was actually born in Warrensburg. However, I moved at a very young age. Leaving behind both sets of grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and so on. Always frequently returning throughout my life to visit and stay up to date with the happenings and growth of the community.

So, technically being Kansas City raised I am culturally familiar with and can relate to those of you who may be downsizing and coming in to our smaller town or who may be moving on up to bigger places.

I started out in Advertising at Bernstein-Rein on the plaza. Eventually moving on to running a successful custom design garage building company for fifteen plus years. With that environment teaching me different aspects of construction processes. Framing, Concrete, city codes, sales and marketing. Just to name a few. Always with the goal being customer service and meeting and exceeding the needs of my clients to ensure the completed project resulting in absolute satisfaction. 

I have been told regularly throughout my life that I should have been a "Barbara Walters" for my series of questioning and my sincere interest with intent to get to know someone by being fully present. Not just hear them, but truly listen.

I understand from having my own experiences in both buying and selling of a residential home to recreational and raw land just how important keeping the lines of communication open are. Whether it be day to day or event by event status updates on your contract and real estate processes of being a buyer or seller. There is comfort in communication.

In 2008 my husband, four girls and I made a decision to come to Warrensburg and settle into country/farm life for the raising of our children. So, living near Whiteman Air Force Base, it gives me the honor and opportunity to be the one doing the serving for all of you military families.

Most currently I have been working in the Home Health Industry. This experience has helped me gain insight, be aware and to recognize the requirements a home would need in order for my beloved senior citizen and disabled clients to live self-sufficiently and in the most safe and comforting way. 

I realize we do not live in a "One Size Fits All" world. That we are all unique. As are our situations. May it be that you are needing to SELL do to the loss of a loved one, placing an elderly parent in a nursing home, divorce, financial freedom, changing location or just the desire to stay close but in a different home. There are many things to think about, consider and potentially create stress. Let me eliminate the Real Estate aspect for you of those transitions so that you may focus on the others such as jobs, moving, kids, school, life!

On the opposite side of things, I am a lover of nature, farms and country. I have no problem throwing on my mud boots walking the property lines of a property of interest to you. Helping you envision yourself in the woods in that perfect tree, setting up your stand for deer season. Whether looking to buy a fixer upper, something move- in ready or farms and rural property.

Downsizing or Upsizing. I assure you I have the ability to meet your needs and gain and keep your trust. So that in the future when your in need of a realtor once again or just giving out a referral to someone else in your life needing a solid solution for a hassle free real estate need.

Whether your finding your first or selling your last. Homes are here and so am I. Taking ACTION to happily deliver you to your next destination to start your next chapter and make memories. You see here at ACTION REALTY CO. You not only have myself as well as other accredited and dedicated agents potentially promoting your real estate. Looking for buyers in which helps you with more social media exposure possibly resulting in a faster sale.

If I should come across a situation to where I am uncertain of the answer or how to proceed. I have access to a pool of resources within my office of elite brokers that are second to none. With Elvin, Rachel, Jeff and Jerry. They are at my assistance to most certainly get us through our questions and curiosities. 

I know people and have the ability to connect, making us friends and not just a business resources. Many of you, Many times for many reasons will find yourself needing a real estate agent.


"Taking ACTION so you don't have to"